Tuesday, 22 January 2013

#deskfest #5

My fifth and final Alpro UK #deskfest challenge is so simple and a lot of fun.

This morning, I warmed up some Alpro Hazelnut drink in my Keep Cup, got my snow trousers and gloves on and headed to the park with the Mini Divas.  I made snow angels, ran around like a lunatic, and enjoyed the white crunchy stuff like a big kid.

As a freelance working mum, anywhere I stick my cup is my desk!

Enjoy :)

Thursday, 17 January 2013

#deskfest day 4

Hi Diva Reader Deskfesters, are you still with me? On day 4 of the Alpro #deskfest challenge I have created something super, SUPER easy for you to try.

Porridge with cinnamon and pouring yoghurt....

Simply chuck some oats into a bowl or Keep Cup as I have used here, sprinkle with cinnamon and pop into your bag with some Alpro pouring yoghurt. When you get to work, pour some hot water over the oats, leave for a few minutes then stir and pour over the yoghurt. There you have it, a lovely, warming, healthy slow release breakfast that takes no time at all!


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

#deskfest day 3


It's day 3 of the Alpro UK #deskfest challenge, and today is a simple and speedy one.

My green smoothie has one apple, one pear, Alpro Almond Milk, spirulina, raw cacao powder and a banana.

Whizz it all up and pour into a jar to take to work with some roasted almonds and you have a super easy anti-oxidant brekky special!




Monday, 14 January 2013

#deskfest day 2

deskfest day 2


#deskfest day 2

Todays breakfast deskfest challenge is a super easy one to create. I popped some almonds into my tub, added some rye flakes and Alpro Vanilla pouring yoghurt, then chopped a banana into it.


What do you think?

Sunday, 13 January 2013

#deskfest day 1

deskfest day 1


So here it is, peeps, my Day 1 of #deskfest. 

Here is the deal:
Whizz up some Alpro Almond Milk in a smoothie maker with chia seeds, an apple, a pear and some maca powder.
Take in a cup to work.
Pop some granary toast in, smooth with peanut crunch ( I used Meridian's Peanut Crunch here), add a chopped sharon fruit, and enjoy!

You will have taken on 3 of your 5 a day, some nut butter protein and slow release wholegrain carbs.
Maca is also great for hormone balancing and  a natural energy boost, and chia seeds keep hunger locked up til lunch.

What do you think? Let me know, and don't forget you can tweet, pin or instagram your #deskfest pics to enter a competition by Alpro UK for breakfast in New York.

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Alpro Deskfest Challenge


I am thrilled to have been invited by the lovely people at Alpro UK to take part in their #deskfest challenge this month.
Now January has arrived so many of us are getting back onto a cleaner eating regime after a few cheeky festive treats, so Alpro has asked a few of us bloggers to share our ideas for a healthy breakfast at your desk.
As a working mum I often have to take brekky with me on the go, as I may be working in London, at my desk at home, or co working with my colleagues so planning a healthy, portable breakfast is really important to me in eating well and looking after myself. Many of you might have breakfast at work, as I used to when I worked for agencies in London, so I know how handy it is to have some healthy, portable ideas to keep your brain cells ticking and your energy going for a day ahead.
I will be sharing my #deskfest ideas this week using Alpro products and my personal take on some healthy brekkies, and I would love to know wat you think.
If you would like to hve a go at creating your own #deskfest breakfasts with Alpro, why not take some pics, and you can tweet them, pin them or instagram them using the hashtag #deskfest to be in with a chance to win breakfast in New York!
I would love to know what you think of my breakfasts - let me know if you try them.