Monday, 21 May 2012

Unreliable or endo?

This postcard, the 3rd in the series by  the wonderful Antonia, is so brilliant at relating the feeling of unreliability that endo sisters and others suffering from a chronic condition go through. The number of times I have had to cancel at last minute my plans due to pain or exhaustion are countless; luckily, my close friends and family know the score, they support me 100% and everyone knows there is a 50/50 chance I will ever be somewhere I plan to be. Those who don't get it never will and are not worth my time.

It's tough, it's frustrating, but it's life. It's my life, and the life of many, many other ladies out there.

If you know how this feels and would be willing to share your story as a guest Diva, please drop me a line.


Thursday, 10 May 2012

This week 10.5.2012

Sorel bootsbootcamp in a bottleendometriosis fundraising

Wow it has been a busy one lately, I can tell you! We have joined a local Farm Club as a family and I have been really enjoying life down on the farm...feeding pigs, looking after baby ducks and chicks, and meeting new people. It's a really amazing place, and the girls love the animals and getting muddy in the puddles! ☂ We are off to Cornwall this weekend so I am looking forward to catching up with my lovely friend Tracey from Vert PR, and going for some blustery windswept walks. Oh, and the Doombar of course. My amazing yellow Sorel boots arrived just in time to come along for the ride, I think they will be perfect for some Cornish walking! ☂ I have had a terrible and trying 10 days or so with my endometriosis pain and being run down and tired, but I am back on my feet just about and commencing my training for the 2 events I cam doing in Autumn for Endo UK. My fundraising gear has arrived, and I am starting to get sponsors. Don't forget you can sponsor me here.  ☂ A HUGE thanks to my confidence coach Mike Sullivan who has donated a phenomenal amount to the cause, and enabled me to travel to Brighton and continue to raise more funds. Mike is just brilliant for one to one coaching and I thoroughly recommend you follow him on Twitter @121_coaching and say hi.☂I have also been sent a tub of Bootcamp in a bottle which I am really keen to try. I approached the owner who has kindly sent me some product. I also have 4 £5 off vouchers if any of you Diva Readers would like to join me in trying  it. Bootcamp in a bottle is a meal replacement shake with bentonite clay, physsilium husks and vitamins to help detox and weight loss with zero calories. I plan to use it in between meals to stop snacking or maybe to replace one meal a day. Want to try? Leave a comment below and I will randomly select 4 for the vouchers. ☂ I am using My Fitness Pal app at the moment too, to track my food intake and exercise in order to make sure I eat correctly as I train. My Fitness Pal is brilliant, and fans of WeightWatchers and Nutracheck rejoice it is FREE to use and is just as effective. Come and find me on there if you want to track progress with me. ☂ I am presenting at Cyber this Saturday, so I am really excited and thrilled to be involved in such an amazing event.☂  I did a guest post over on my friend Caz's blog, Mojito Mother - go and check it out!  What have you been up to this week? x


Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Guest Diva: Dauna on Fibromyalgia

Guest Diva - Fibromyalgia

My name is Dauna and I live in the US.  When I came across the Dexterous Diva blog posts about living with chronic illnesses, I saw part of my own life immediately.  The amazing women here offered me important reminders for things that are too easy to forget.  In case it helps someone else, I thought I would share some of my experience too.

The pain began when I was about 22 years old.  I have vivid memories of waking in the middle of the night sobbing because of pain searing across my shoulders, and of being helpless against the sharp ache in my hips as I sat for my 45-minute drive to the university every morning.  Sometimes shifting positions eased the pain, but more often nothing helped.  I was always tired, always sore, and often frustrated and hurting to the point of tears.