Friday, 18 November 2011

Zoladex update: a new dawn?

a new dawn

Yesterday I had my second Zoladex injection.

I finally took the plunge last month after 15 years of trying to avoid it; previously, I had been concerned about preserving my fertility. In some cases there is a risk of not coming back out of the menopause when you finish the 6 month course of injections. Also, the side effects of combined Zoladex and the HRT add-back hormone (I am on Livial) read like a who's who of No Thank-You's.

Monday, 14 November 2011

As most regular readers know I am a blogger and a mum, but I wouldn't describe myself as a mummy blogger.
I talk about all sorts here on Dexterous Diva; my health, endometriosis, running, creativity, fashion, beauty, tech, random stuff; it's all part of my life, and it's how I like to write. I do love to share about life with the Mini Divas, my beloved two year old twins, although nappies and small people stuff is not my mainstay.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Running mojo, endometriosis and pep talks

Lunar Glide Love

This week I really struggled with feeling low. Autumn is setting in, and whilst I love the blustery winds and golden hues, I can be rubbish at making myself leave the house and get much needed Vitamin D. Especially if I am in pain, and feeling bloated and unwell.

Yes, Zoladex side effects and the HRT combination are settling in and taking their toll a little. Medications have a habit of doing that and sending the body balance out of whack a little. But having wallowed more than I would like in depression again this week I have been giving myself a serious pep talk. A locker room style hairdryer treatment, if you will.