Thursday, 15 September 2011

Geek chic - a real pain

Geek chick - a real pain


One of the strangest outcomes of my endo is that it has really brought out the geek in me.

Not in the sense that I have a range of gadgets to help me cope, but that when I am incapacitated and having to veg out, I turn to my trusty Mac. Blogging takes my mind off things, and the fact that I am, without fail, having to spend a lot of time on my own dealing with pain and fatigue I have a new found love for social media and all it entails.  Twitter, Facebook, blogs and RSS feeds rock my world in those long hours.

Pain has meant that a whole new part of my career has opened up. I am often at my most creative when forced to sit still and write, and I harness these hours on the sofa and put them to good use.

If I was well I could no doubt be filling my time with things I "should" do, whereas pain allows me to indulge my inner geek.

This is one way in which I deal with my nemesis, and a truly positive and empowering outcome it is too.

The drill involves - fluffy dressing gown, ibuprofen gel, codeine, cup of redbush or hot chocolate, fluffy socks, pillows, Mac, and as much brain numbing TV as I can muster, or often Classic FM for soothing strings.

Yours from the sofa office,


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  1. Sounds like a pretty good evening to me, minus the pain. In fact, I think I might join you (not literally, that would just be strange - and I don't even know if you have a big enough sofa). Get better soon!